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Finding an Architect for your Renovation Project

architects plans on paper

In order to know how to find an architect, one must understand first what exactly an architect is. Professional architects are engaged in the application of design and engineering principles to provide design solutions for buildings and other structures that meet the requirements of the specific project.

Although these highly qualified professionals play a significant role in the construction of residential and commercial architecture projects, often actual work is carried out by employees or sub-contractors, with the qualified architect overseeing and signing-off on the final designs and plans. Understanding how to find an architect with the right qualifications will help you in getting highly competent professionals who can deliver on your expectations. This is especially important when you want to take your construction to the next level, with unique, or one-off designs.

architect drawing building plans

In order to begin the search for your perfect architect, one you can work well with day-to-day, you need to have a good understanding of the kind of architectural services you will be requiring. This will ensure that you find just the right professional to match your needs. For instance, if you wish to create a residential complex or building from the ground up, then it is necessary to hire the services of highly skilled professionals who can create customized floor plans that are well suited for a specific setting. More often than not, there are specific architectural services that must be undertaken by the architects. A large firm however, building a large commercial premises, will most likely need the services of a specialist commercial architect. A company that works on this type of project daily, and has the experience to deliver a project of any size.

The primary task of an architect is to analyze the overall site, take measurements and design the overall structure according to the client’s specifications. The next step is then to make architect’s plans in order to achieve the best outcome for the construction project. The architect must today ensure that the materials used are eco-friendly in order to minimise the negative impact on the environment as well as the client’s finances and total budget. The final result of the plan will be determined by the total project cost and the specific architectural services provided.

Before you begin the planning stage, it is also important to set up the initial consultation with the architect. This is where the two parties come together and discuss the project with regards to the expected outcome and the possible challenges that may arise during the course of the construction project. Some of the topics that will be covered during the initial consultation may include space planning, environmental impact assessment, construction documentation, building maintenance and scheduling, electrical wiring, plumbing and/or heating and air conditioning, custom kitchen designs, and exterior lighting requirements. If at any point during the consultation, you feel that an additional expert could help better assist you in your project, then you may wish to consider adding that person to your list of interviewees.

It’s important that alongside having the right qualifications and experience, your architect is someone that you get along with and understands your vision for the building project.

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